CELL 398

Research Project

Description: *3 (fi 6) (either term, 0-0-3). Directed research carried out in a laboratory of a member participating in the Cell Biology Program. Credit may be obtained for this course only once. Successful completion requires a written report on the research project.  This course in geared to students in their third year of study. 

Prerequisites: Pre or co-requisites: Any 300-level Science course (CELL 300 recommended) and the consent of the Cell Biology Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies.

Course Catalogue Number: Closed to web registration.  Go to the Department website for project information. This course can also be taken as a six week Spring/Summer Session course.

General comments: Before starting to work, students and their supervisors submit a brief description of what they will be doing in the course during the semester. At the end of the semester, each student must write a report on her/his project. The supervisors and the coordinator will evaluate reports. Evaluation will be based on the students' performance in the lab and their written reports. More information is available in the following form.

Possible Supervisors: Any researcher in the Faculties of Science or Medicine & Dentistry.